Jack Club

Club, bar and restaurant

Every day you can enjoy live music, shows and parties, DJ club music, Wi-fi, two separate halls, VIP zones and two stage looking bar.


Entertainment center with a night club, bowling and restaurant

Titan one of the biggest clubs in Minsk and quite popular. Medical university situated very close to the club, that is why a lot of beautiful girls always in the club . The entrance fee is 5 - 10$.

Overtime Club

Nightclub and restaurant

The club has a large dance floor, 3 V.I.P. zones, a chill-out area and the longest bar.The entrance fee is 10-20$.


A nightclub with original, stylish interior

Enjoy pleasant atmosphere, different shows and performances, 3 bars, large dance floor, go-go dances. The entrance fee is 10-20$.

Madison Royal Club

A disco club and a bowling center

Club is decorated with stone and mirror and highlighted dance floor. Enjoy the atmosphere of this club. The entrance fee is 10-20$.


VIP nightclub

"Dozari" is one of the best nightclub in Minsk. It`s the biggest club with large dance floor, "Mojito bar" and a restaurant. The entrance fee is 10-20$.


One of the Best disco club in Minsk

Original interior, hospitable atmosphere, friendly stuff, up-to-date music and show-programmes.